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Found 13 results

  1. Marble Madness.jpg

    Cedar swimmer dyed with bright blue aniline dye. Through wire construction with free moving glass marbles in the cavity. This was a learning project. The first one I made was rougher-this one was made a bit differently. The next should be better finished. I used the aniline dye because painting would have been a bear, and I liked the idea of the wood grain showing through. The next one will be red-hopefully red will not be influenced as much by the cedar's natural red coloring.
  2. Lighten a Resin Glidebait

    Hey everybody, this is my first post here on TU, and I hope i'm not regurgitating past topics here but... I just cast my first resin glide bait, a 8.5" rainbow trout. My first casting was as a single-piece, but I decided to lay the molds out flat and try it in two pieces. The reason for this was to try and cut weight by hollowing out the front and rear sections when it had cured (which I did), then epoxy everything together. The result is still 7.5 ounces, as pictured. So, my question is: Is it possible to cut this weight of something like this down to, say, 4.5 or 5 ounces? Is there a technique/resin type that can help cut the weight down? I'm using a two-piece silicone mold based upon a hand carved wood trout design I made. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  3. Wood Carving

    I am trying to get into carving my hard body lures from wood by hand. I was wondering what tools any of you would recommend as a must have for that job. So far i have been using a sharp knife and a dremel engraver for fine detail. It works but I want to know how to make things more productive with better tools.
  4. Clear Coat

    Hi ! I've been making wooden fishing lure for a couple years now and I've been using 2 part epoxy (nu lustre 55) .I bought quite a lot of plastic crankbait I got a deal on and I was hoping to paint but they have really sharp edges, curves, and detail that just aren't working with epoxy, I was just wondering if any of you use a thin clear coat that you just have to dip the lure ? I've heard of KBS diamond finish ? could I just dip it or would I have to mix it with something and then brush it ? Thanks
  5. Baby Bass on Megabass S-Crank

    Baby Bass pattern on a Megabass S-Crank. Lure blank available at

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  6. 20150324 090347[1]

    ABT Glide Bait I foiled and painted. I used "cheap" kitchen type foil attached with Solarez UV cure resin using MEKP for curing agent. This bait has a distinctive and fairly deep scale pattern in the mold. All Createx paints. Used opaque white to cover the seams, then transparent paints for body and back. Opaque black for spots and pearlized white for belly. Seems the overspray of the white covered the foil more than I wanted but it comes through in outside light better. One of my first attempts with foil. Barry
  7. 1653363 261043677407663 1445820459 N

    New barfish swimbait I'm working on with zerovoc uv epoxy coating!

    © gail ratcliff

  8. 6 inch wake bait, Golden Shiner

    This wood wake bait is about 6 inch, carved from Basswood, Lexan tail and bill. Createx Paints, D2T topcoat. Walks and wakes nicely. Also, in the back 3/4 of the front part, installed a homemade rattle of brass tubing and ball bearing.
  9. Hard Buzz hybrid bait

    This is my Hard Buzz Clear Fire hybrid. This bait sinks or buzzes the surface depending on where their biting in the water column. You can hit several levels of depth with the same cast. Lots of flash above and below. Molded thru wire and 4 dips of GST concrete sealer.

    © Stash Baits

  10. 1104131704

    14 casts produced 2 bass this evening with the same lure. Yeah, I know, they are pretty small bass, but hey, it is the first two with my new lure design...... :-)
  11. Buzz Hard Baits

    Technically a hybrid I guess, but they are a lot of fun to fish.
  12. Hard Bait Patterns

    Does anyone have a link to a good crank bait cookbook/patterns? I have seen the one pinned on top but I remember seeing one on this site or on another site that had a lot of patterns. Thanks for any info
  13. Hey everyone, I'm working on my swimbaits and can't decide on which fish pattern I should do next. I've already done my rainbow trouts a couple times now and want to try something new and challenging. The fish I'm thinking of; Native Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass. I put a picture of my rainbow trout so you can see my style of painting. Also a picture of my new swimbait that is needing the paint job. I'm leaning towards painting a cutthroat trout but still like those other fish patterns. Let me know guys, thanks.