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Found 17 results

  1. Anglerfish s-crank

    Anglerfish s-crank custom airbrushed and hand panted with glowing lantern.
  2. Anglerfish s-crank

    Anglerfish done on an s-crank hard body lure. Airbrushed and hand painted. Glowing lantern.
  3. Clear Jointed Swimbait blanks

    Any one here have info on unpainted swimbait blanks? 1 or 2 joints.
  4. Custom Buzzbait

    Hi Luremakers, I share this tutorial of my last lure, handmade from beginning to end
  5. Foiling Hardbaits

    Hi Guys, I recently tried my hands on making a crankbait with foil scales on it, I'm extremely happy with the result. Let me know what you think. I'd love to know if anyone else uses silver foil/tape as well and what technique they use.
  6. Wrap lures help

    How do I wrap realistic baits? Any suggestion what stuff I should get? I'm new to this. Here's a pic below for sample...
  7. "Got 'er Otter" Topwater Bait

    The "Got 'er Otter" slow retrieve topwater bait. It started out by wanting a bait that works when others don't. I carved a wood block I found in the garage, then sanded it to the shape I wanted for that perfect wobble. In the back, I used a magnum jig dancer blade, hardware from LPO and tied a trigger tail out of hackle feathers. Then there was the hard took multiple prototypes to get it balanced & running the way I imagined. Once I figured it out, it had a click and wobble unlike any other bait I've casted & just knew it was finally right. THIS is the "Got 'er Otter" by Aaron "Chico" Rodriguez.
  8. Bz2 cranck lures

    Floating lure, 9 cm..
  9. Hi guys, first post here. I thought I’d share a swimbait I’ve been tinkering with over winter. Hoping it get smashed come pre-spawn (now only about a month away). About 16cm ( 6 1/4 inches). made from wood. I used the laminated picture method as I don’t have an airbrush (nor the skills to use one). I’ve made a Carp and Smallie imitation and have a Largie getting ready for it’s epoxy coat. Bluegill and Tilapia imitations are next The main idea behind the design was for it to run just off the bottom (when fished off a Caroliner type rig). As it’s buoyant, it actually makes a good surface lure as well – obviously without any weight on the line. Here’s a quick video of it in the pool. Hopefully thing will warm up a soon and I can take it out for some bass.
  10. golden shiner

  11. Ratio Of Segment Size

    Hello to everybody out there! hope the winter has treated everybody well, I know I am ready to get some lines wet up here in the Northeast. New to TU and the lure making world so here is my question, I started making a lure to mimic my favorite saltwater bait and I decided I wanted to turn it into a multi-jointed swimbait, is there a "rule" or ratio I should follow when making the different segments? I want to make sure it has the proper "S" swimming action and figured the size of each segment would make a difference. Tried doing a few searches but came up with nothing so if i missed it some direction would be appreciated! Thank you for any info you can provide! Tight lines
  12. photo 3

    No clear yet, but ready to go!

    © Robzilla

  13. Tailbait new model

    This is my new model. It is a Tailbait and not a glider. Weighs 65-68 gram. Hope you like it
  14. First Own model

    This is my first own lure model ! Firetiger color. Jerkbait 15cm long. 58grams without hooks before coating process Made of Smooth on plastic Feather lite.
  15. Resin Swimbaits

    have watched make a lure and aluminite vids and looked on their page but its just so confusing. I have been making pvc baits but want tot try resin. I was wondering what materials do I need to buy. the materials I need for making the mold as well as the resin used for making the swimbait. thanks guys.
  16. Hinged Craw

    Here's what it looks like after it settles to the bottom.
  17. Hey everyone, I'm working on my swimbaits and can't decide on which fish pattern I should do next. I've already done my rainbow trouts a couple times now and want to try something new and challenging. The fish I'm thinking of; Native Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass. I put a picture of my rainbow trout so you can see my style of painting. Also a picture of my new swimbait that is needing the paint job. I'm leaning towards painting a cutthroat trout but still like those other fish patterns. Let me know guys, thanks.