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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All, My first post here. Is there a foil holographic tape out there? I can level a foil duct tape pretty well onto an 8 oz jig, but not so much for the holographic tape that is vinyl. Any tips for leveling a vinyl tape?
  2. A simple, cheap technique to finish lead jigs. Not perfect, but good enough to catch fish. Not quick because each layer of etex requires 12 hours to cure. First, I prime lead jigs with a layer of etex I add another layer of etex mixed with titanium dioxide powder to get a bright white jig. Etex in the curing process, gradually hardens and gets sticky, Depending upon temperature and how much etex is applied, at about 7 hours +++ the etex will be sticky but not come off the jig if you touch it (with your finger or some other object) You can use etex applied to scrap jig for this test. At this point, apply the nail foil, rubbing gently with cloth, and then pull off the cover plastic. The foil is stuck on the jig. For some reasons, I only get about 90% transfer of foil on the jig (not perfect) but this is good enough for me. Wait a couple hours, then add a protective coat of etex. You can also add dots, eyes, stripes, colored etex at this point. Dots or Stripes- I use oil based sharpies (regular sharpies will bleed with etex because they are alcohol based). You can also use gel ink pens with med or thick point. Colored Etex - I mixed neon micas with etex and brush on the jig. Glow powder can also be mixed with etex. Nail foil doesn't come neon. Sources: Art nail transfer foil I get thru aliexpress.com. comes 4 cm x120M (or150M) for $5-$10. This comes out to 1 cents per foot. Comes holographic, solid colors, and transparent. Etex I get at Michaels http://www.michaels.com/envirotex-lite-pour-on-high-gloss-finish/M10178984.html. Get the 40-50% coupons. Horsehair brush I get at harbor freight https://www.harborfreight.com/36-pc-12-in-horsehair-bristle-acid-shop-brushes-61880.html. I reuse them over and over, clean with rubbing alcohol and stored in jar with an inch of alcohol. Neon Micas I get at tkbtrading https://tkbtrading.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=neon**.Colored mica powders including fluorescent. Used in makeup and soap making. They are powders, suspended not dissolved in etex. This make brushes easy to clean Titanium dioxide get at crafts or sculpture store like Douglas Sturgis. This is the bright white powder. Tips: I mix etex in 2" wide plastic cap which I use over and over. It is important to get exact 1:1 ratio and mix the 2 parts thoroughly. I weight the etex on a super accurate gram scale ... so I can mix as little as a few grams to coat a few jigs. I don't bother to clean the cap, when the etex hardens, I just do a new mix on top. Thanks to Gliders in hardbaits forum, check out Foiling on E-Tex http://www.tackleunderground.com/ommunity/topic/30355-foiling-on-e-tex/. His hardbaits are works of art and show what is possible with this foil technique. I can brush over foil with neon micas to color the foil pink, blue, red, purple, yellow, etc, thin enough for the foil to show thru . Cheap - cost of foil, micas and etex on a lead jigs comes out to less than 10 cents per jigs. If all foil is not sticking, I add another layer of etex and do it again right over. The foil is so thin it doesn't change anything. These jigs are used in 30-100 foot depths low light and murky water conditions, where I believe the holographic flash, neon accents are important. Over 100 feet, glow becomes more important. To get near perfect quality, probably need to polish the lead jig and remove any imperfections, fill any divots. Then add multiple layers of etex. For me the quality is good enough for me, I'm fishing in murky waters and the fish don't care about perfection, I'm bouncing them on the bottom and losing them to snags. .
  3. Layered construction and innovative holographic finish gives this lure truly life-like highlights. Pictures do not do it justice.
  4. 3 Way Hairball Perch – entered 2018 Bodt length: 5-1/4” Overall length: 6” Weight: 1-3/4 oz. Hooks: #2 and #4 VMC trebles Paint: Createx paint applied by airbrush, and brush. Buoyancy: slightly negative with a slight nose down orientation in water. Sink rate: 2 seconds per foot . Construction: carved Basswood – harvested at home, dual hinged, 4 dual “v”section swimbait, Through wired to hook attachment points with .041 wire. Wood is sealed with superglue, finished with 30 minute epoxy. Top fins: split saddle hackles epoxied to topcoat (can be easily replaced). Tail: Two saddle hackles set in a slot in tail end. Pelvic, Anal, and pectoral fins: Bonded maribou fibers (pectoral fins mounted on outward angles. Innovations: True perch profile Dual “V” shaped wooden sections do not allow light to pass through the joint between sections. Hybrid hinge – thru wired to hook hangers on bottom, Pin and eye on upper hinge. Innovative holographic finish (my invention, I believe) resembles scales, provides great highlights, and generates a slight color shift. Pictures do not do it justice. Dual attachment points Front attachment: It hunts side to side as jerkbait. Will do a 180 in the right hands – then the maribou does its thing. It holds depth all the way to boat from 1 to 2 feet. It swims with casual action on retrieve. Rear attachment: Lure hunts side to side and up and down as a jerkbait Lure holds depth all the way to boat from 3-5 feet It dives quickly to 3 feet Vigorous swimming action
  5. My entry in best painted blank. Please critique. How could i improve this?
  6. My entry for best hand made bait. Please critique. How could this be improved?
  7. barrybait

    20150514 092138[1]

    12" ABT Glide Bait I stripped, foiled, and painted for a friend. Flash Carp type look to it.
  8. O'l Robzilla

    Granny Green

    Did a few of these, I'll post pictures. All have holographic side panels.

    © RIM.

  9. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    This is the third of my wild looking baits.
  10. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack

    Lil Bass

    I like making these. I know they don't look natural, but they reflect a lot of light and I enjoy making them. Tell me what you think.
  11. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    This is another one that I did for fun. Let me know what you think.
  12. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    I was in a mood to do something a little different so....here it is. I know this is not very practical or realistic looking, in fact it is kind of wild looking but I like to mix it up once in a while. This was something I did for the fun of it. My wife called this group of baits ( I made 3 of them ) my Fast and Furious Lures. Let me know what you think.
  13. This is one of my 6" baits with the holographic foil sides.
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