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Found 29 results

  1. Marshallgeho

    Handmade Wooden Minnow Lure

    Carefully handmade from maple, these lures include high quality treble hooks and components, and will catch any fish that would eat bait of this size.
  2. Hello everybody! Today I made a big misstake at the workshop. I drilled 1 of 2 weight holes in the wrong place on 50 lures today.I dont know how I managed to do that haha! Is there a good way to fill these holes up and then drill new holes in the right position? Maybe by making a filler by mixing epoxy and saw dust? The wood I use has the density around 0,65-0,75m3 and the epoxy I use has the density just over 1,0 so the epoxy is heavier than the wood. /Pickadollbaits
  3. Hello, I look for a shop where I can buy some big unpainted jerkait for pike/muskie. Someone have website to advice me ? Thanks in advance
  4. sanderpuh

    Arctic Char Glide bait with tail

    I have made a video on how I painted it which can be found here.
  5. Hi from Poland! My name is Peter. About 6-7 ears ago ive back to making my own plugs. It Was mostly resin lures like: crankbaits, jerkbaits, spoons, and many lipless lures. For now im in teh middle of translating tutorial about resin basics and will show it to you when im done. Here's a few of my recent lures. Jerkbais: Spoons: Hybrid crankbait (Enigma1) Some custom crank And a lipless minnows
  6. Esoxkid06

    Painting Hard Plastic Musky Baits

    Hey guys, So I have this new glider that guys are going nuts for and ive switched to plastic and its pretty much ready to be produced in quantity. Unlike my previous models that were wood. I opted to go hard plastic so I can produce more to sell. My only problem is that painting is seriously kicking my butt. Im not quite sure what the issue is. I use plastic resin from a company called fabricast 50 from specialty resins. Now the main problem im assuming is the bonding. But it only really occurs on the back and belly of the bait. So thats no good when it comes to epoxying. It's almost like something is coming through the bait which I thought was some sort of contamination. But I use wax and grease remover prior to priming. Is it the spray bomb primer? Should I use a adhesive spray instead?
  7. O'l Robzilla

    Gizzard Shad

    © RLM

  8. diemai

    Sinking Glidebait "Da Bomb"

    Here are two sinking glidebaits , that I've named "DaBomb" due to their shape , .......the idea for this lure was spawned by having seen a "River Run Manta" pool video years ago , the sideward glide of this lure was just amazing and I figured out , that this was because of it's stabilizing tail fin minimizing the roll of the lure on an initial jerk with the rodtip , just putting more energy into the forward glide instead of wasting the inertia into a roll . Thought about making sucha lure without an added polycarbonate fin and turned the blank with an integrated knob in the rear , from which I had carved out the fins . The initial prototype made more than three years ago caught a few fish , before I finally hung it into a tree , ...shortly after I made these two new ones ,..... but now , after sucha long time , I finally finished them , the blanks have hung in the basement untouched for more than two years ,.......this time in a crackled finish with one base color and two covering colors . The larger one sports a small diving plane , as with the first prototype I had found , that the lure has a tendency to come up towards the surface , maybe the diving plane would help to maintain depth ? Here is a video of the first "DaBomb" prototype , displaying fish caught an some words of explanation,......... hopefully these two new ones would perform the same or even better(and not end up in a tree as well (LOL) : Greetz , Dieter
  9. mmire5

    Realistic carp

    Small jerkbait made of linden wood, Lenght 9cm, weight 28gr. Painted with an airbrush...
  10. lulu-yodlures

    Jerkbi J Green Fluor Scales

    The Jerkbi-J Medium is a 18 cm jerkbait for around 70 gr This custom paint is the Green Fluor Scales color The lure and painting are entirely handmade by YOD LURES Lure resin (cast in silicon molds) and airbrush painting This lure is designed for pike fishing and other predators like perchs, zanders, black bass Check the video :


  11. Pickadoll

    Sealing Detailed Wood Lures

    Hello guys. I mostly make resin plastic lures cause I want to make detailed lures with gills, mouth and scales. But I started to wonder how guys like Melosh fishing lures makes his detailed wood lures. He seals the wood with something without covering up all the details. I only got Epoxy clear coat like Envirotex and so on and that would cover up all the details before I can start to paint the lures. I need something that sucks into the wood 100%. Grain filler? oil? how do I do it? I upload a photo of one of my resin plastic lures so you get an idea on how I want to make my wood lures to look like. Hope you understand what I mean. I'm from Sweden and not that great at english hehe.
  12. Illumibait

    Jerkbait 15cm, 75gr. Walleye

    country: germany material: polyurethan color: Wicked, Hansa pro-color finish: etex
  13. Illumibait

    Jerkbait 15cm, 75gr. Walleye

    country: germany material: polyurethan color: Wicked, Hansa pro-color finish: etex
  14. raidenas


    © Raidenas

  15. raidenas


    © Raiden

  16. Brandlercustoms

    Blue Shad on the RC 1.5DD Crankbait

    This is a bait that I recently painted, I call it blue shad. What do you guys think? Feedback is much appreciated Thanks Guys< Brad
  17. Pickadoll

    Jerk tails

    I tested some new techniques. Metal leaf, carved scales and a couple of different foils.
  18. Pickadoll


    Here is some new lures I've made. All three is tail baits.
  19. Jio


    This is my first paddle tail jerkbait.
  20. Pickadoll

    Jerbait tail gliders

    My new resin model and first tailbait ever. Colors: Northern Pike, Dirty roach (skitmört).
  21. Pickadoll

    Jerkbait tail gliders

    My new resin model and first tailbait ever. Colors: Bloody white, firetiger
  22. Jaraal

    1, 2 & 3 Testing testing

    Jaraal Original TOOTHGRINDER prototype. 11 cm 45 gram. Pure oiled oakbait with one hook. Pike 95 cm 6.6kg. Nice first tryout indeed. With best regards Jari Aalto aka Jaraal

    © Jari Aalto

  23. Pickadoll

    First Own model

    This is my first own lure model ! Firetiger color. Jerkbait 15cm long. 58grams without hooks before coating process Made of Smooth on plastic Feather lite.
  24. Griffond

    First Jerkbait Ever

    So this is finally done gonna take it swimming tomorrow not the best paint job I'll call it the smiling jerk! lol Brush painted with acrylic paints and coated in D2T