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Found 5 results

  1. How thick should lexan be at least to be stiff and strong enough? Does the lenghte of the lure and type of wood any difference? I like to but a bib to the lure in the attached file
  2. JimP

    CNC cut Dive Lips

    A photo of some CNC cut dive lips to demonstrate what to expect with CNC cut "Lexan." The lips in the photo still have the protective film attached to both sides and accounts for most of the fuzziness at the edges.
  3. Hey guys. I have a question regarding Lexan tails on swimbaits. I have tried to read all associated posts regarding putting tails on swimbaits using the search function, and while I have gleaned some excellent information, I am still a bit confused. So, if I want to make a swimbait with a Lexan tail, I cut a slot in the back of the rear-most piece of the swimbait and then cut the Lexan tail to shape, and I am assuming I pin it in. I guess the question I have is how do you go about painting the tail, and also adding detail such as the fin spines and such? Is this simply painted on and then topcoated before adjoining it to the swimbait? Painted and then attached and then clearcoated? Hopefully you guys can see the jist of what I am getting at. I think the tranlucent looking tails look fantastic, and without pouring a soft tail, Lexan seems to me like the only viable choice, unless you use a Plano divider or a margerine tub top or some other piece of pliable plastic. In each case, just curious how to attach them and get them painted to match the rest of the swimbait. Thanks again in advance for taking the time to read this and share your knowledge. I would still be on Step 1 of any lure making procedure without the help of the knowledgable folks on here.
  4. Does anyone out there know where I can get custom designed lexan crankbait lips fairly cheap? I have a couple of non-standard designs I would like to try out, but I can't find the lengths or shapes I want on any of the "usual" lure making sites, i.e. Barlows, Janns, LPO, etc.
  5. diemai

    PVC/Lexan Compound Lures

    Hi , folks , Some more I got done with these days , also painted with acrylic paints . Made the blanks back in summer , they have a lexan core accommodating shifting leadballs and a surrounding PVC body for buoancy . Sadly some do not function too well , guess that I'm not doing these anymore due to the higher working effort , .....my simple lathe-turned timber "WeightShifters" work a lot better in terms of improved casting performance and are easier and faster to work down . Nevertheless it was great fun making these compound lures , ....you my check my YouTube channel for a video displaying their internals , put out in summer 2012 . Greetz , diemai
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