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Found 15 results

  1. Anglerfish s-crank custom airbrushed and hand panted with glowing lantern.
  2. Well gang, after a bit of a delay, here are the much-anticipated results of the 2018 Coolest Lure Contest! Let me just say that this year's contest was, by far, the most competitive one yet. The talent displayed in the entries was outstanding! Without further adieu, here are the winners. Congrats to everyone who placed, and thank you to all who entered. You are all very talented Best Custom Painted Hard Bait 1 - Rainbow Trout with bright fins on an 8" SPRO KO - By Venutian_Lures 2 - IMG_5704.JPG - By SugarHillBaits 3 - Northwoods Blue Gill - By mdojet Best Homemade Hardbait 1 - Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG - By Yohan Custom Lures 2 - Keeper Trout - By danthefisherman 3 - IMG_9519.PNG - By Benzin555 Best Wire Bait 1 - 1/2 Oz Chatterbait/Dual Underspin - By smallmouthchaser 2 - 4" gold perch cedar spinner - By foxbites 3 - Turtle Jig! - By JohnRit Best Soft Bait 1 - Popper Snake - By Bogbaits 2 - 73756014-1F0C-4544-86FA-0353EF53B668.jpeg - By Campania Lures 3 - Catawba Worm - By kellure Best Fly 1 - Indigo Dragonfly - By Mtstew123 2 - Sunfish - By fish eyes 3 - Shad Crease Fly - dog1660 Best Custom Rod/Reel 1 - IMG_20180226_183948763.jpg - By JJ Bass Madness Custom's 2 - 7' MHX Medium Heavy - By Kevin Cooper 3 - Phenix Ultra Custom Spinning rod - By gekhang Again, thank you to everyone who entered. Let's do it again next year!
  3. OK gang, the 2018 Coolest Lure Contest is now officially underway! Please visit this link for more info: http://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/lure_contest.html And please be sure to read the rules before submitting an entry! http://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/contest-rules/ Enjoy!
  4. The judging for the 2017 Coolest Lure Contest is completed and we have chosen the winners. The level of competition this year was incredible. The amount of skill and talent in this year's entries was the best we've seen yet. So judging was really, really tough. But, with that said, here are the winners for 2017. Congratulations!! 2017 Coolest Lure Contest Winners Best Custom Painted Bait 1st - Supreme Pumpkinseed by @mdojet 2nd - Rainbow Trout By @Venutian_Lures 3rd - Brown Trout by @NorCal Coho Best Homemade Hardbait 1st - Code Blue Trout by @Nellynelson23 2nd - Handcrafted Crawfish by @Gastonfishlures 3rd - Creeping Duck by @foxbites Best Wire Bait 1st - Gold Shiner by @EXtremeLures 2nd - Hurricane by @Bigt2666 3rd - 4 Bladed Double Clacking Wire Tied Buzzbait By @Anthony Awgul Best Soft Bait 1st - IMG-5980.jpg by @DarkCloudCustoms 2nd - Green Mamba by @Bogbaits 3rd - IMG-5456.jpg by @riveratackle Best Fly 1st - Hookers Hopper by @John kross 2nd - Sand shrimp fly by @TomBell 3rd - Realistic Golden Stonefly By @RiverRaisinFlyCompany13 Best Rod/Reel 1st - NFC Burlwood Custom by @gekhang 2nd - IMG-2776.jpg by @MCiciulla 3rd - Fly rod By @rattlesnake
  5. The "Got 'er Otter" slow retrieve topwater bait. It started out by wanting a bait that works when others don't. I carved a wood block I found in the garage, then sanded it to the shape I wanted for that perfect wobble. In the back, I used a magnum jig dancer blade, hardware from LPO and tied a trigger tail out of hackle feathers. Then there was the hard part...it took multiple prototypes to get it balanced & running the way I imagined. Once I figured it out, it had a click and wobble unlike any other bait I've casted & just knew it was finally right. THIS is the "Got 'er Otter" by Aaron "Chico" Rodriguez.
  6. The 2017 Coolest Lure Contest is now officially underway! Please check this link for more info. http://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/lure_contest.html/ Please be sure to read the contest rules here before submitting an entry: http://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/contest-rules/ Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Hey Gang, the 2017 Coolest Lure Contest is coming soon!! Be on the lookout for more info here and in your email. We will be making more announcements very soon
  8. Any news on the 2016 lure contest? Where do we look for the notification and rules?
  9. OK Gang, first off, let me say that judging this year's contest has been super tough. There was some very serious competition. And that's a huge understatement! But the winners in each category have been picked, and here they are! Best Paint on a Hardbait 1 - Herring Ball Swimbait - DoniHerr 2 - Antique Treasure Craw - mdojet 3 - Ugly Duckling - JOKER Best Homemade Hardbait 1 - Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada - m_vandorn 2 - Skunk Creeper - diemai 3 - Glide Perch - Nellynelson23 Best Wire Bait 1 - Bluegill Original Swimjig - gekhang 2 - Triple Threat Perch - FishTalesCustoms 3 - Chatter Goby - kaimon Best Soft Bait 1 - Swankx Gizmo 2 - basskiddcase 2 - Fluke Style Bait with marabou tail - FishTalesCustoms 3 - Bogs Topwater Rats - prochallenger Best Fly 1 - Green Drake Coffin Fly - fshng2 2 - Sculpin - paint n baits 3 - Harlequin - jockeyb6 Best Rod or Reel 1 - Golden Crappie Matching Reel - FishTalesCustoms 2 - Custom Carbon Rod - gekhang 3 - Jetty Rod with Diamond Wrap - fshng2 Congratulations to all of the winners! If you are one of the winners listed here, please send me a PM with your email address and your mailing address, so we can get your prizes out to you! Thank you to everyone who participated
  10. The 2015 Coolest Lure Contest is on!! http://www.tackleunderground.com/lure_contest.html It's time to enter your best lures into the new contest. Lure submission starts now and runs through the end of September. Please visit this page for more info: http://www.tackleunderground.com/lure_contest.html The contest gallery is located here: http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/category/18-2015-coolest-lure-contest/ Rules are posted at the top of that page. Please be sure to tell all your lure maker friends too
  11. With the recent Coolest Lure Contest behind us, I wanted to get everyone's feedback and suggestions for ways to make future contests better! Please post your "constructive" comments, feedback and suggestions here, so we can consider them for any future lure contests! We'll take them and consider each and every one of them when the next contest rolls around. Thanks in advance!
  12. The Coolest Lure Contest has been awesome! We had some really great entries, with some truly outstanding talent displayed. Listed below are the winners of each category. Congratulations to the winners If you are listed as a winner below (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place), please PM me so I can get your full name, etc. I will need your name in order for LPO to issue your winning gift certificate. I also have ribbons to send out to the winners, so please include your mailing address in your PM if you wish to receive a ribbon. If I don't get your address, I will assume that you don't want a ribbon. So, here are the winners: TU Coolest Lure Contest Results Hard Bait 1st - Meloshfishinglures 2nd - MAC ONE 3rd - JOKER Wire Bait 1st - fishratz 2nd - prochallenger 3rd - Northern Scripture Soft Bait 1st - rico.29 2nd - prochallenger 3rd - Maurizio Rod & Reel 1st - rattlesnake 2nd - jimbo9992 3rd - rodman1 Fly 1st - rico.29 2nd - BCS22 3rd - Northern Scripture And, to make it easy to see the winners all in one place, visit this page: http://www.tackleunderground.com/contest_results.html Again, congratulations to the winners!
  13. Hey Everyone, The Coolest Lure Contest has been going great so I wanted to let everyone know when the cutoff dates are. There are two cutoff dates, so please note them. Cutoff date #1 - Lure Submission Cutoff: January 15. Lure photos can be submitted through January 15th. Cutoff date #2 - Voting Cutoff: January 31. From January 16 through January 31, votes will continue to be tabulated and tallied, so please continue to vote for lures that you might not have voted on initially. So if you have a lure that you want to submit, please do so before January 15. The sooner, the better! And if you haven't taken the time to vote on any of the entires yet, please do so! And try to browse through all of them if you can, and vote on each one. The more votes we get, the better the contest will be. Thanks in advance, and please let me know if you have any questions! Curt
  14. Everyone, We have launched our new "Coolest Lure Contest" as of a few minutes ago! We have 5 different categories to compete in, including: Best Hard Bait (topwater, crankbait, jerkbait, etc.) Best Wire bait (Buzzbait, Spinnerbait, Jig, etc.) Best Soft Bait (worms, craws, soft swimbaits, etc.) Best Fly Best Custom Rod or Reel The winners in each category will receive Lure Parts Online gift cards! Prizes will be as follows: 1st Prize - $100 LPO Gift card 2nd Prize - $60 LPO Gift card 3rd Prize - $40 LPO Gift card Remember... these prizes will be given for EACH category, not just for the entire contest. The contest will run from today (December 11) until a yet-to-be-determined date in early 2014. Rules are posted on the contest page itself, and they are below, in this post, so please be sure to read through them before submitting a photo! Let the contest begin! You can enter your bait or view current entries here: Coolest Lure Contest Contest Rules 1 - Photos must be of baits you created and/or painted yourself. You cannot submit photos of work that was done by someone else. 2 - You cannot submit photos of baits that were submitted in any previous contest here at Tackle Underground! 3 - TU members can submit only one photo to each category, but can enter as many different categories as they want. 4 - TU members will give each photo a rating, using the star system, located above each photo. 5 - At the end of the contest, the winners of each category will be chosen based on the three highest rated photos in their respective category. When voting, please take the time to vote for all categories. We'd like to see voting numbers as equal as possible across all categories. It makes it more fun that way Thanks! Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf Tackle Underground – How to Submit a Photo to The Lure Contest.pdf
  15. Everyone, if you have a bait that you want to submit as an entry for the current Coolest Lure Contest, be sure to upload it to the proper gallery!! Baits added to the regular galleries will not be considered as entries into the contest. They must be uploaded into the proper category in the contest gallery!! The link for the contest gallery is here: http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/gallery/category/12-coolest-lure-contest/ Please click that link and then choose the proper category to upload your bait to. Thanks!
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