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Found 5 results

  1. hey folks, recently I've been working on a trout swimbait and one of the things I've decided to do with it is to add frog hooks concealed as fins on it's underside. originally i was going to mold the fins out of plastic but that raised some issues with its durability. so i decided to tie the fins. i was hoping someone could help give me some ideas with making the fins. I'm thinking either dyed turkey feather sandwiching the barbs of the frog hook or buck tail. I think I would have problems shaping the bucktail and the turkey feather might affect the swimbaits action. any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to make my own hair tails out of the FishHair synthetic hair. Right now it is a pretty difficult process as far as getting the hair to stay together at the base. I've tried super glue to keep it together at the base and then I will cut the tail into the shape I like. I am wondering if there is a more simple effective way to make swimbait tails out of this hair material. Let me know!
  3. This is a repost from several other forums I'm active on. Just trying to get as many points of view and ideas as I can. I think. A lot. Too much. I always have a "It'll Happen One Day" project I'm working on, it helps relax me. I'm currently working on plans for a non-profit fishing think tank w/ a research library and workshop/laboratory for children and adults. What I have in mind is a community place for open research, investigation, and discussion of anything. luremaking/flytying to the best way to keep mud minnows, how simple scientific tests such as salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen can improve our fishing, re-examining ancient and traditional fishing methods and tools, etc.. What I would like from you guys is any ideas you have. Think of it like you had input into a place in yor community. What Equipment, Materials and Supplies would you want available. What events would you like them to host? Services provided. We're talk a dream place here so lets have fun. Thanks in advance guys and gals. I hope all of you find these cerebral projects such as this as much fun as I do. Maybe one day soon I'll be able to make it a reality.
  4. Hey Guys, First off, new member here. Been using this site as a great resource for planning the launch of a lure company! I wanted to ask for some feedback on spin casting vs. injection molding for producing soft plastics. What are the pros and cons of each? If our company is successful and we start cranking out large quantities, we will for sure be doing injection molding. But in looking for a more affordable option to get our product to market we came across spin casting. It seems like a possible alternative at least in the early days when we are testing products to see if they even sell. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Looking to get into luremaking full swing, and I really want to start off with larger sized flat sided cranks. Bought some from both LPO and netcraft (only 7/16" wide, in both sizes and not full bodied enough), but they were not as large as what I want. I think what I'm looking for is a body size about like the Bagley's B-flat, or larger. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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