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Found 26 results

  1. My 3d printed popper. 11 centimeters long and 20 grams in weight. The design is mine, made in Blender and Tinkercad, and printed in PLA. Twisted wire eyes for the line tie and hook hangers. This is still an experiment, so I still have to work on sealing, painting, and clearcoating. Also want to test and find out its breaking point, so this won't be intact for long. Will update when finished. Edit: The lure failed under a load of 16 kilograms (35.2 lbs). However, the failure occurred along a weak line, an incompletely fused layer, and so I assume that with a good print, the lure will be able to handle another 2 to 3 kilograms.
  2. Front view of 3d printed popper
  3. Augustus

    Articulated pike popper

    Size 2 hooks: front Dai-Riki bass hook; rear Dai-Riki 4xl streamer Materials: steamer feathers, mallard flank, deer tail, deer body, craft fur, ice dub, marabou, holographic flashabou, rubber legs, and wine cork head airbrushed and epoxy coated.
  4. FishCandy


    Spun this one up to see if it would work. Got the idea from an e-book. Tested great.
  5. I've made a time-lapse video showing how to design and build your own fishing popper cork. In the beginning of the video I demonstrate how to catch African Sharptooth Catfish, but this technique should work for many other catfish species elsewhere in the world as well. I believe that Redfish are targeted in a similar way in the US so perhaps this will be useful to someone.
  6. Cedar Popper Turned on the wood lathe. Spots on back are inlaid popular. Brass hardware. Bucktail tail. Sits on lathe turned cedar stand, but lifts off easily for use.
  7. kakuip

    Foiled popper diver.JPG

    foiled pvc popper diver, swims on retrieve

    © kak

  8. StriperCandy

    Glass Minnow.jpg

    More of a challenge project than a real lure, call it an art project for now...
  9. Rann

    The "Warhawk"

    Basswood popper turned on my lathe and airbrushed. The eyes and mouth were hand painted by me and almost drove me back to smoking by the time I finished!
  10. Cedar Popper turned on the wood lathe, with inset spots of maple. Brass hooks and fittings with bucktail trailer/skirt. It simply sits on the pedestal base and so can either be displayed or fished.
  11. Saugerman

    IMG 1169 skitter pop,

    Have been trying to learn how to make a decent splatter back, paint job. I said I would post a picture, when I finally made one that was decent. So this is it. Thanks for the help guys, with out your help I would still be scratching my head. Saugerman
  12. The plastic holders on the end of small cigars make great and durable popper bodies. I don't smoke, so I pick mine up on the local golf course. For some reason, they accumulate on the tees. Just run a hook (dressed if you like) through it and use epoxy it. Or you can through wire ir with a free swinging dressed hook for added attraction. Use craft foam to stuff it and epoxy thickened with micro-balloons to seal it fore and aft. The popper body has a semi soft feel to it. By cutting the head at different angles you can make them dive or skitter. A small lip can also be added. The tail also can be trimmed to a slope, cut short, or left as is. Mask off the feathers and paint however you want. Enjoy! PS I learned through experience that the hook on the pink one is a little to small. Still a lot of fun though!
  13. I recently purchased a workbench wood lathe from harbor freight and so far its been treating me pretty well. I've been researching turning plugs for quite sometime now, and today I finally turned my first two lures. The top lure was supposed to imitate a Hula Popper, and the bottom is going to be a pencil popper. The Hula Popper is made from basswood and the pencil popper is made from eastern red cedar. Any critiques would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone could provide some info on how to cut the angle for the pencil popper mouth I'd also appreciate that. Thanks in advance!
  14. zev11

    Bloody Mullet Pop-N-Prop

    This is a mullet pattern popper/ prop bait I made as a christmas gift for a friend. It is made with the thought of using it for inshore red drum on the NC coast. It is carved from poplar. I used the some aluminum mesh to imprint the scale patern on some foil. It is weighted to sit tail down in the water and will cause alot of commotion on a with a good twitch or pull.
  15. Learn the process of creating a hand carved wood fishing lure. Watch me carve one of my poppers, from start to finish. You will get to see the process of how a wooden surface lure is carved, weighted and hardware added. Everything has been captures up to the point of the lure being ready for painting. This video was shot in one day, starting in the afternoon, and finishing up late at night. I apologize for some of the lighting at the end of the video. This is part one of a two part series. The final sealing of the wood, painting and clear coating of the lure will be covered in part two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERFtkybduDQ
  16. jettsonlures

    School Of Fish

    Here are a few of the surface lures I created. These are 3 3/4" poppers that weigh approximately 1/2 ounce. These don't have hooks yet.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  17. jettsonlures

    Waiting On The Dock

    Here is the lure sitting on a dock. I am just about to attach some hooks to it and give a test drive.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  18. Here are 5 of the poppers I carved. These are 3 3/4" poppers that weigh approximately 1/2 ounce. These are freshly painted and awaiting their top coat.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  19. jettsonlures

    Carved And Ready

    Here are some poppers that are ready to be sealed.

    © Jettson Lure Company, LLC.

  20. kajay920


    Gillpopper. Another little fun one.
  21. Hi folks , ......quite boring at the pond yesterday , fishing was slow for just one more time , .......so I've made a little review of the lure , .......that little perch was the only fish of the day so far . Posted this lure in the gallery before , some more info to be found in there , too : http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/image/2692-curiosity/ Only made three or four such lures many years ago , ......but I can still think of only one , that I still have somewhere , painted in bright neon yellow . greetz , diemai
  22. marcus_fontana


    hard wood (pine)
  23. marcus_fontana


    hard wood (pine)
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