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Found 9 results

  1. Quite a while ago, someone on this forum shared a powder paint that looked to be "cracked"in its dried form resulting in a brownish, veined finish similar to a "Copperhead". I have exchanged PM's with Cadman and have verified it was not him. I would like to find this powder paint, or others, to try. I am looking for colors that are still nature-like, but different from the norm and standard colors used on jig heads and spinner baits. If you have any colors you would suggest (and especially if you know of or have the "Copperhead" color) please share it and the source where one might obtain it. Thanks Mifon Nashville TN
  2. So got a Tjs Tackle airbrush this weekend and having a lot of fun with it. Trying to add trout dots to my lures. Used an oil based paint pen. First try it smudged on me and my crafty wife recommended that I head it up to cure it and that appears to work but will have to see how durable it is. Anyone else do anything like this and know if it will hold up? Hope to get out and try a few in a couple weeks.
  3. I'm trying to figure out to do the jig paint job on the left in the attached pic. Found this jig in one of my boxes, don't know where I got it, and really like the paint. Bought some Boss Jig Armor green pumpkin crustacean (on the right in pic), and it isn't even close. Hard to see in the pic I know, but does anyone have an idea what kind of powder paint this might be?
  4. i have a hamilton beach oven i got at a sale, it has bake, convection, broil and 1 more, plus temp and timer, what do you all set yours on? just bake or convection, i am doing lead head jigs for now but want to do my bass jigs with weed guards later. i have the temp at 250, and timer for 30min on bake right now. thank you for the help and suggestions. T
  5. New to powder paint, have ovens & furnaces at my disposal, so anyhow I got the fluid bed plans from Cadman (THANK YOU AGAIN CADMAN), I know I probably thought to much into this, but I'm doing nickle plated trolling spoon blanks, I put them in a oven to "preheat" @ 350F, swished them in powder paint & got GOBS!!!!, I had to put them in a muffle furnace @ 900F(I think 825F did the job) to get the total mess off, I'm thinking the pre 350F heat was too hot (stuff "cures" @ 350F) there was no "shaking off" of anything !, so whats a good temp to pre-heat a lot of spoons ? I want to dip & run.....but not runs THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP !! ......HELP !
  6. Hey guys. I just read that the most effective solvent for removing cured powder is benzyl alcohol. If I remember right from chemistry,This is the kind of alcohol we drink. If thats correct we can'nt run down to Lowes and pick up a quart. I also thought that denatured alcohol was benzyl alcohol with a posion added so it could not be drank.Anyone with a chemistry backround got any insight on this.Im going to soak some jigs in a can of beer for six months that ought a git er. lol;-)
  7. Poured some shiny new lead jigs and I was wondering if I used clear powder paint, If it would keep the metal from oxidizing or should I plan on using a chrome under coat?
  8. http://www.propowdersupply.com/catalog/liquid-powder/liquid-2-powder-1-pint another site http://www.powderbuythepound.com/LIQUID_2_POWDER_-1_PINT.html Poured my first ever jigging spoons on Friday and I am HOOKED! A lot of fun. Cranked out 37, 2 and 3 ounce flutter spoons. Now I need to paint them. Gonna build a fluid bed. Heck I still need to cut the sprues off. Don't even have gate cutters yet ha ha. Needless to say, I need to order more stuff. (including paint) Getting set-up. Just want to buy the right stuff. Ran across this stuff and it seems like it could be usefull. Didn't know if anyone had any experience with it.
  9. Well it's been a long time since I posted another nutty idea . So here goes . Everybody at some time or another has had to deal with the little volcano's you get in your fluid bed . I pretty much got sick of them so I decided to use them instead of fight them . An idea formed in my head during one of these episodes . Here for grins and giggles is the proto type not the finished product I created . I call it Thunder Dome . The base is standard fluid bed construction with internal not shown on purpose . The dome is off a hot chocolate mixer . The stopper came from an old sink . The forced air unit is a foot pump used on an air matress . Now put two or three heaping table spoons of powder in the cup (thats all you will need depending on cup size .) Heat your jig spoon or blade . Drop in the hole under the stopper using the stopper to hold the piece in place . Stomp on air mattress pump . A nice poof of powder will plume up covering the piece . Sort of a cross between dipping and air brushing . SEE WHAT KNARLEY CHILLI DOGS AND BEER WILL DO TO YA!!!!!! Now I just have to deal with the volcanoes I emitt . ARGGGG!
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