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Found 3 results

  1. How many coats are you guys using of Dvcn2t to seal your lure bodies. I put one heavy coat on the wood and it is still a little mushy and not hard..... I would expect this to instantly harden the bait?
  2. Dear Brothers, I promised a report on my uv coatings testing. To start i"ll say that I have built balsa crankbaits for many years. I am what some call a mass producer. I built a very successful company by learning from some of the best of you and the industry leaders. I decided to take my outfit uv 2 years ago. I had to put alot of infrastructure into place and some of it ain't cheap. This is my results and i ain't to step on toes or mislead, here goes. This covers sealing baits. All testing was done on 3 inch fat body balsa bodies.I have mine cut by a firm because of cost and large number that i use.I live in southeast Missouri where the humidity is 75% to 98% on a good day. I keep my shop around 72 deg. and humidity between 60 to 75%. I have read on here over the years many methods for sealing. I have tried them all. I can tell you that the first piece of equipment you need is a pin-type moisture tester! Second piece of equipment is a dehydrator! Balsa is cut below the equator,kiln dried there,containerized,put on a ship, hauled across the sea to the east coast, shipped to American Balsa, out to my bait cutter then to me, sits in a box waiting to learn how to swim.See the problem? Moisture is 99% of all bait problems period.Here are 3 baits results: In grams Body wt. before Moisture in Moisture out After Drying Wt. loss 4.0 13.7 0.0 3.69 .31 4.4 13.9 0.0 4.08 .32 4.51 13.9 0.0 4.17 .34 You have to fix moisture first, PERIOD !!!!!!!
  3. Hello guys. I mostly make resin plastic lures cause I want to make detailed lures with gills, mouth and scales. But I started to wonder how guys like Melosh fishing lures makes his detailed wood lures. He seals the wood with something without covering up all the details. I only got Epoxy clear coat like Envirotex and so on and that would cover up all the details before I can start to paint the lures. I need something that sucks into the wood 100%. Grain filler? oil? how do I do it? I upload a photo of one of my resin plastic lures so you get an idea on how I want to make my wood lures to look like. Hope you understand what I mean. I'm from Sweden and not that great at english hehe.
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