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Found 25 results

  1. Chuck Young

    Citrus Shad

    Silver scales over a flo white base.
  2. Akteacher


    Some basic shad in multiple bait styles. I still need practice on the lateral lines.
  3. Grisley

    Wine Shad Sammy

  4. hated to see these go. Thanks for looking y'all!
  5. mdojet

    Sexxy shad

    Sexy Shad on a Megabass S-Crank

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits www.luremeincrankbaits.com

  6. barrybait

    20160625 203254[1]

    Another shad same as my previous post but with my now famous home made coffin bill. (thanks Mark Poulson) I enhanced my shad pattern and got the lower half shimmering with some Createx Wicked Aluminum, then to the bone colored belly. Also added pearl orange throat and tip of tail. Oh yeah, my dobbed eyes are getting better. I'm using the back end of a drill bit like before but now I am using the cheap acrylic paint, not air brush paint and I am able to get better painted eyes now.
  7. barrybait

    20160625 203605[1]

    Carved this bait from basswood. Modeled similar to Lucky Craft BDS3. Twisted wire hook hangar thru belly weight. Long twisted wire hangars for line tie and rear hangar. Not thru wired. Each hangar secured with D2T. I'm not worried about thru wiring with bass wood but I do my hangar drill holes all the way thru, fill the entire hole up with D2T then D2T my twisted wire and insert. Home made circuit board lip from LPO circuit board sheet. I mark them out with a square, scribe, cut with band saw, then finish sand to the lines with a 1" belt sander. These are providing good action Create
  8. barrybait

    20160625 203740[1]

    Made this flatside balsa crankbait and used this pre made circuit board type lip from LPO. I have been making my own circuit board lips from the sheet purchased from LPO and they both work great. I used two 1/4" pieces of balsa to make the bait, epoxying them together after channeling them out for my weight and thru wire rig. For a weight I used a mojo weight which I cut in half length wise and had to drill out the center hole a little. Then I used the 19 gage ss wire, cut a long piece, put a twisted eye near the middle then ran both legs up thru my mojo weight, bending one forward tor an
  9. Chuck Young

    American shad

    Free hand spots, yellow, red, violet and blue highlights, and extra shine on this one.
  10. I want to get started in painting my own lures. I can't wait to get started and I know there is so much information I need to know first. I am hoping there is a professional out there that remembers what it was like when they first started out. I am asking for any advice, and any advice what so ever is going to be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Items I have: Air Brush: Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and a cheap airbrush set from harbor fright. The Harbor fright set came with an air compressor and everything i need (hopefully). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Q) Does anyo
  11. Hi all, I've been reading a ton on this forum and found so much helpful information, thank you all. I've made a few cranks based on others designs (Paul Adams Phox Minnow and one other), and they turned out great. I've designed my first simple shad style bait and it swims with a very "tight" action. It's made from basswood and weighted with lead split shot sinkers (size 7 in front of hook hanger and 3/0 behind). I want to give my next iteration more "roll" and a "wider" swimming action. I've attached a picture and the current design drawing. Can anyone give me their intuition on how to
  12. O'l Robzilla

    Phantom Shads

    © RLM

  13. O'l Robzilla

    Green bait fish.

    Transparent bait. Green sides with gold stripe.

    © RLM

  14. O'l Robzilla

    Neon Shad.

    © RLM

  15. lulu-yodlures

    Fight shad

    The Fight Shad is a 17 cm soft bait for around 30 gr completely homemade by YOD LURES and made in France We started with a wooden master, and then we produce silicone molds and then the liquid plastic with different colors and attractants This lure is designed for pikes and other predators hunters Check the video :


  16. Caszuk Baits

    golden shiner

  17. I was looking for a bobby garland baby shad mold or something very similar. I was wondering were you could get one or if a company would make one? I make my own molds but I'm thinking I want to start injecting. I know how much pouring these things are so it's mainly just a hobby so you don't have to tell me it's expensive. I know!
  18. Tried to do my best at a sexy shad in a colour a friend wanted.

    © RLM

  19. Repaints for a buddy.

    © RLM

  20. Pumpkin Back Red Eye Shad in a lipliss lure body. Red gill outline for added attraction..

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

  21. TruPreyCustomBaits.com truprey@gmail.com
  22. This is my twist on a shad, not sure if the color will work but it looks nice.
  23. djhaddix

    Bandit - Gizzard Shad

    This was about the third lure I ever painted. The picture is pre-devcon. Bandit 200 repaint. Thanks to all of the folks on here for helping me make the learning curve a little sharper
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