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Found 81 results

  1. Has anyone poured this mold yet? Really like the look and concept but the tail seems pretty thick. Would like an opinion on the swimming action.
  2. DGagner


    A prototype segmented bait. It has two hinges but four pivot points. The motion is fairly fluid like. It was made to test and not for finishing but I did it anyway. I'll make a cleaner one in the near future. I've posted a video of the build here.
  3. DGagner

    Roach pattern Rattle Bait

    A roach pattern found only in Europe and Asia. It has a lateral rattle in it.
  4. DGagner

    Goa'uld swimbait

    Fashioned loosely after a goa'uld symbiote as seen on the scifi show Stargate SG-1. Just for fun.
  5. DGagner

    Perch, my first bait

    My first attempt at making a crankbait.
  6. DGagner

    Green crankbait

    Shallow diver
  7. DGagner

    Deeper diver

    I often see these coughed up by bass that I catch. Deep diver
  8. DGagner

    Cross rattle jerk bait

    This bait has a rattle that vibrates from side to side.
  9. Hey guys i am new on here and new to lure building and painting. I painted my first bait yesterday and it was a jointed swim bait. i made a lure turner but i dont think it will work for this bait. I will include a picture of the lure. Does anyone know how i should topcoat this lure?
  10. Alright guys, I Need all of your help! Does anyone know how to Custom paint a Deps Slide Swimmer 250? I have never tried to paint one and l Really want to learn. Any tips would be very helpful! Thanks Guys, Brad
  11. I recently have been trying my hand at shooting swimbaits. So far, its going okay. I noticed my mold allows for eyes to be placed on the soft plastic after it has dried and this is not something I've ever messed with as a fisherman in general. What are some of your thoughts on using lure eyes for swimbaits/flukes/creatures? Is there a 'best practice'? Does it really help? How durable will they be? Do you prefer adhesive or glue? Do you clear coat your bait once you've finished? Any other thoughts in general in this arena? Regards, Bronzeback Cowboy
  12. davemyway


    Just thought I would post a video about how I do my swimbait. I did leave some of the more boring details out but if you contact me I will be happy to help .
  13. Hey everyone, I recently bought a top injection mold from Basstackle and have been shooting with Bait Junkies, now Bait Plastics' hard formula. I cannot for the life of me get a bait to shoot without there being air bubbles at the top/head of the bait. It's infuriating! I haven't violently stirred the plastisol or sucked up any air while pulling plastisol into the injector, but it happens nearly every time I inject. The reason I know I'm not doing this is because I have another, side inject mold from a different company that shoot perfectly every time. I've tried purging the injector prior to shooting and that didn't work. Anyone have another idea on how to fix this issue? Is it the mold sprue that is the problem. I can't help but notice that the side injection mold that shoots perfectly has a wide sprue opening where it meets the body of the lure, whereas the Basstackle top inject mold has a very narrow sprue-body connection. Could air be getting trapped at that choke point and not be allowed to escape? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.
  14. Bronzeback Cowboy

    Todays creation

    Just shot a little batch of these guys. Royal Blue and Yellow Gold glitter. Green pumpkin base.
  15. Hey everyone, I recently got a new mold where the sprue hole is pretty narrow...too narrow for my current injector that I purchased from Do-It to fit in. As I don't want to by a new injector for this new mold, I was wondering if anyone has found some sort of sprue adapter piece that would allow me to use my current injector, but funnel the plastisol into the narrower sprue hole? Any information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
  16. 8.75" multi-joint Keeper Trout swimbait with assist hook hanger in the tail and an additional line tie on the chin. 100% hand carved out of a single block of wood using only a utility knife, a handsaw, and sandpaper. Base colors are spray painted with the detailing and highlights hand-applied using acrylic. This bait took over a year to finish, but it swims like a champ and has a very special place in my tackle box.
  17. Any one here have info on unpainted swimbait blanks? 1 or 2 joints.
  18. Another promo for the latest Victus Swimbait That I’ve just recently added to the product line! Feedback welcome as always! 6”. 2 color. Hand pour.
  19. Just a promo image I did of the latest swimbait I’ve added to my product line. Would love to hear what you all think! Hand pour. 2 color, 6”.
  20. Made a swim bait master that I really like, but wanted to see if you guys would think it will work. I want to rig it weedless on a owner beast 10/0. Do you think this would work? What brand of plastisol do you guys recommend for big swimbaits like these?
  21. Hey folks, I have been scouring the internet trying to find a way to decently dye the tails of my paddle tails. My main concern is not being able to effectively dye dark colored lures and make them have a nice chartreuse paddle tail. I have tried Spike It which works very nicely for light colored lures. I have also tried K. Wigglers, which does indeed dye dark lures chartreuse, as they use some sort of silicone rubber, but I get terrible bubbles trapped in the dye, and the lure just looks bad. Had anyone had success with other ways of dyeing their tails? Spike It has that spray paint stuff, but they don't make it in a bright chartreuse color. Would airbrushing be the way to go? Thanks in advance for your help. -Taylor
  22. Would it be possible to make a mold of a Huddleston and pour new tails for them. the baits work great but pike bite the tails off all the time getting sick or replacing them all the time at 25 dollars a piece.
  23. G'day Guys, I just finally finished up my swimbait project. I filmed every step as per usual so I figured this would be the best place to share it. A fair bit of time went into it but I'm very happy with the result. Hope you guys enjoy!
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