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Found 9 results

  1. urbantackle

    Cyber Rat

    Designed in CAD and then 3D printed with UV resin. Cyber Rat is a topwater walk the dog lure with two treble hooks and a screw on tail mount that fits most plastic worms.

    © IW

  2. This is a side view of my battery powered vibrating cicada. The colors are orange and black. The eyes are also orange.
  3. I thought I'd try to make a GIF file to show how the lure vibrates on the water.
  4. Picture of the battery powered vibrating cicada lure in the water. This lure is similar to the one entered in the contest except for one improvement. The head has been reduced in size slightly to make more in proportion to the body.
  5. This is the my first vibrating solar powered lure design made in 2013. It was shaped from a 1/2" thick piece of balsa wood. It is 1 1/2" (Long) x 1/2" (Wide) x 5/8" (Tall). The motor compartment was cut out with a 1/4" dremel bit using my dremel tool. The solar cell was inlayed / sealed on the top.
  6. I call this my Retro Darter,inspired by an old hotrod custom car I seen,has a real retro look,we selected a nice piece of Hardened dried pine and gave it the torch treatment for the burnt look at the rear,we then used transparent paints to give it an almost flame effect,epoxied all the hook hardware in and added the blood red hooks and matching eye then gave it 2 coats of epoxy,the lure darts through the water like you would not believe with just short jerks,fun lure that catches fish!!!
  7. Learn the process of creating a hand carved wood fishing lure. Watch me carve one of my poppers, from start to finish. You will get to see the process of how a wooden surface lure is carved, weighted and hardware added. Everything has been captures up to the point of the lure being ready for painting. This video was shot in one day, starting in the afternoon, and finishing up late at night. I apologize for some of the lighting at the end of the video. This is part one of a two part series. The final sealing of the wood, painting and clear coating of the lure will be covered in part two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERFtkybduDQ
  8. Hi folks , ......quite boring at the pond yesterday , fishing was slow for just one more time , .......so I've made a little review of the lure , .......that little perch was the only fish of the day so far . Posted this lure in the gallery before , some more info to be found in there , too : http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/image/2692-curiosity/ Only made three or four such lures many years ago , ......but I can still think of only one , that I still have somewhere , painted in bright neon yellow . greetz , diemai
  9. Hi , folks , Spent the late evening at the computer again to jam together some older pictures , that I had saved on a disc long time ago , .............hope , that they might still come in useful for TU users , ........any further questions welcome , ......please also read YouTube describtions . cheers , diemai
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