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Found 8 results

  1. I think there is a specific wire cutter for trimming the tag end after finishing a loop. Look at the photo, that’s a manufacturer’s end cut. I cannot get that close. Anyone know what that wire cutters name would be? Thank you for helping me out
  2. I've been wondering about the types of wire one can use. I've had very little luck finding actual marine grade SS wire, so I've been using dental SS wire instead. The stuff's tough and hard, and it seems to hold up, so I was wondering if anyone else has considered using it and what you think of it.
  3. My dad and I are searching for a 4 oz bottom bouncer mold to no avail. We have found the three models from Do-It and talked to them on the phone, however they only go up to 3 oz. I'm positive that a 4 oz would work better for our fishing, but am having the damndest time finding one. It was recommended I seek out Hilts, but am coming up empty there too, so thought maybe I could get some feedback from this forum to see if anyone else has knowledge of that big of a bottom bouncer mold, aside from taking a blank and finding a local C&C shop to bore it out. Has anyone here ever come across a 4oz mold? Thanks for your time, if anyone could give me feedback either way.
  4. Hi All, New guy here... I've been messing around with Alumilite products for the last couple of years and having a blast. Just upgraded my airbrush and I'm excited to hit the shop this weekend and tinker... I made a silicone mold of a favorite jerk-bait and I've been casting with Alumilite White and micro-balloons, keeping track of my recipes along the way to try and perfect the elusive suspending bait. I've been making my own wire harness for all of my solid-body baits - a single piece of wire from tip-to-tail. My theory is why temp fate with screw eyes, but maybe I'm over-thinking? The store-bought version I was templating had its tail eye pop right out of the plastic with hardly any force - I was quite shocked at how easy it did so, adding fuel to my theory about through-wire frames. It makes balancing the lure more difficult, but is worth the effort? Anyone have any anecdotes about their screw eyes? Any colour suggestions for the diving lip? The Alumilite seems to be as strong as the original clear lip, but I wonder if anyone has suggestions for painting the white lip. My first instinct is blood red...? Thanks!
  5. Anyone have any wire forming type tools they don't use anymore looking to make my own idea for inline type lures... Just barely starting to look for items now
  6. I bought some wire to build my first spinnerbaits, but I think I screwed up and got the wrong type. I bought Bend-and-Stay 302/304 Stainless Steel Wire .32 and .38 diameter. Both types of wire are wound up and stored in a small spool and they seem to flexible to use for a Spinnerbait. What type of wire should I use? Thanks for the help guys!
  7. How do everyone attach the weights in the molds before casting? I have tried to attach it to the through wire but I thought that was a pain in the ass cause I wanted the weights in the very low of the belly and the lower part just behind the middle hook and needed to bend the wire in so many places. And I felt that it was hard to get the lead to stay in the exact same position every time i Casted :/. I have searched the internet for information about it many times without luck. I asked Solarfall (Solarbaits) but he said that it is a secret how he do it ! I have molded lead in bars. 8mm and 10mm thick. How do I attach it to the resin-mold easy and perfect everytime?
  8. Has anyone ever came across colored ss wire? Just thought this would add a cool twist to some of my spinnerbaits. Also, does anyone know any thing about piano wire. I've heard that it has better vibration than ss wire. Any help with these questions would be very much appreciated. Barry
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