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I've also had Createx "dry" to a slightly tacky finish and assume it must be the flow agents they put in for airbrush use. Letting it air dry for a couple of days doesn't seem to matter much, so I decided to go ahead with the clearcoat after flash drying Createx with a hair dryer. No problem with that so far, with either epoxy or polyurethane clearcoats. I think your problem was baking it in the oven which caused either the oil based undercoat or the Createx flow agent to bubble. Bottom line, if the Createx is dried sufficiently to remove all the water, go ahead with the clearcoat. It will probably be fine. I've never had much luck oven baking anything. Btw, you can usually remove recently dried acrylic latex by rubbing it with your fingers under a stream of cold water, without harming what's underneath.

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