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I have stumbled upon a new material for crank bait carving that might be very good. Let me be the first to tell all of you I have only made a few cranks. I am much better at my spinnerbaits. Any way the material is a resin board. I have two types they differ by density. This material is very stable, with no imperfectins. Easily carved, and can be sealed and painted. A glass smooth surface is possible. You can drill it, thread it what ever. Easily cuts on band saw table saw, and turns nice on a lathe. I would like to have a few people that now what they are doing try this stuff out and see what they think. I dont know how it will run in the water. I do know the stuff is weather proof the only thig that does it harm is uv and this is over many many years of direct exspoure. You will have to let me know what you would like to see for block sizes if any one is interested. I can only send out a few samples do to shipping cost. First come first serve. THe material comes 2" thick.

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