Airbrush and compressor set up advice needed

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I started painting lures a year ago but sold my previous airbrush set up. I figured I'd wait till I can get some better equipment.

I've been doing alot of reading on here and decided I'd go with a Iwata Eclipse airbush but was wonder which model to get.

I was wondering about the gravity feeds do the color cups ubstruct your view of what your painting? Would the side feed be better? Aslo the side feed has the option of using a bottle is this worth it?

I was looking at the Iwata Smart Jet compressors too. Has anyone used these are they worth the money? or should I go with something cheaper?

My old compressor I bought at wallmart for $60 it wasnt bad but it was noisey. Is there an advantage to having a Iwate Smart jet over a cheaper brand.

I would like to save money on the compressor but if I get better result with the Iwata it would be worth it to me.

Any help would be apreciated.

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Stick with gravity feed. I think the Iwata B size cup (1/16 oz?) works great. You don't sight down the brush like a gunsight so it won't obstruct your view. the B size cup holds plenty of paint for crankbaits. Can't think why you'd need a bottle unless you're painting motorcycles, helments, or 100 crankbaits at a time. Can't comment on the Smartjet except to say everything Iwata I've tried works better than most other brands.

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