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Epoxy in Lip Slot?

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Has anyone come up with a better way to make sure the epoxy gets well into the lip slot without all the extra buildup outside? I was having a tough time being sure with polycarbonate, now with circuit board there's even less room. My worry is that either lip may not be secure or moisture may get in at any uncovered location.

I'm currently using Devcon 5-min for securing into balsa if that affects the issue. I jam in what I can, put some on the lip, then try to wipe off excess while keeping straight. I do bring up my final 2-ton epoxy finish coat to lip.

A syringe would work well, but probally only one time.


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I drill a couple of ancor holes in the back of the lip and use a dab of 5min.

I've never had a lip come loose and had to tear a bait completely apart to get a lip back.

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I put my lips in at the same time I clear with Devcon 2 Ton. I drip it into the lip slot and dab some on the lip. Any that comes out the sides I just brush over the bait as I clear the rest of it. I also scuff up and drill a small hole or 2 in the back of the lip for some extra grip. I have never had a lip come out. A friend of mine actually had a hook split ring straighten out once, but the lip held.

mossy maker

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