How do I make my own crankbaits???

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I see many links on this site regarding paint jobs and accomplishing the right kind of finish, which is very important and very interesting on how some of you have come up with some ingenius ideas on accomplishing your amazing details on your lures.

How do I build a crankbait?

What are some helpful links, books, videos, forum threads and/or tips that some of you can help me out with?

Thank You,


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I have a good one for you. This is the best site I have found. Just start reading and all the information will be there. Some times it will get a little confusing but when you needed a specific question answered the members will always help.

Try it out.

Your question about swimbaits and how to make one. Try Basswood. Read about screw eyes, lip design, lip angle, weight placement, study other swimbaits and how they are made and design your own.

Your crankbait question. "How do I build a crankbait" Read about wire through construction, weight placement, types of wood, lip materials, lip design and angles, line tie location. This kind of information is all in the link I have given you above. Once you get a piece of wood and start carving you will either catch the bug or hang it up. If you catch the bug then you will sit up till 3 AM reading all the valuable information the members have left behind.


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