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Any one else having trouble with being logged off the site after typing a long reply. I just typed a reply and it said I was not logged in. My name was still at the top of the page. I lost every thing I typed. Time for a drink....

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This happened to we a while back. Make sure you click the 'remember me' box and the problem, if it was the same as mine, will go away.

I mostly have huge problems with the PM system, but only on my works system. Sometimes I type a medium length text, press send it and the system displays a web page problem. The big problem is when I click 'back arrow' to return, all the text that I typed is lost.

Unfortunately, there is no copy function under the right button context menu. If I start to et carried away typing (as I often do!), I select the text and drag it to a word document, to safe guard my work.

Any solutions?

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