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Terms, wiggle wobble waggle my 2cents

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Axis of movement for lures and terms simplified. The big term that has everyone confused is wiggle, waggle, and wobble. I have read several explanations and have come up with this explanation and suggestion . You don’t have to agree this is just how I understand the movements (rotations) of a lure to be.

The lure can only rotate on three axis.

The Z axis is a vertical line that goes from the Back (top) of the lure to the Belly (bottom) of the lure. Rotation of the lure on this axis will cause the nose (front) and tail (rear) of the lure to move side to side. The technical term is Yaw , for this forum it can be called wiggle, waggle or wobble. Notice I referred to the top of the lure as the back; this is where its backbone would be not to be confused with the rear or tail.

The X axis is a horizontal line that runs from the nose to the tail of the lure. Rotation on this axis is called Roll. It causes the back and belly to move in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner. A wide lure with out a belly weight will Roll over and lay flat on the water.

The Y axis is a horizontal line that runs from one side to the other. Movement on this axis is Pitch. The nose and tail of the lure will be found in one of three states(positions) in relationship to the horizontal plan formed by the waters surface. The three states (positions) are level, diving (nose down), or climbing ( nose up).

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One vote for this standardization of terms!! At least on TU hard bait forum, even if like most societies we don't all agree (which makes it fun too!).



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