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I use the foil duct tape used for furnaces, etc. I get mine at Menards, but I'm sure Lowes, Home Depot, etc., carries it also. It is adhesive backed, just peel and stick, whether over mesh for a scale effect, or flat on the bait. Cover with epoxy and start your paint scheme. TIGGER and FATFINGERS taught me how on another forum, I'm sure if you use the search you might find a tutorial on the subject.

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BobP    834

Yeah, aluminum foil duct tape makes things easy compared to silver or gold leafing, IMO. I lay the bait on the tape's paper backing and trace its outline, then cut it out with sissors. Flip the first piece over so the foil is up and trace the opposite side. Peel the backing, and apply. Trim it with a razor blade to get both halves exactly the same because positioning the foil on the bait is not an exact science, at least not for me! Texture the foil with the threads on a 1/4" bolt or whatever you like. I usually paint directly on the foil but be careful because it doesn't take much to knock the paint off the slick foil afterwards. BTW, if you want GOLD, shoot a light coat of transparent yellow Createx on the foil. Other transparent airbrush colors can give you some nice effects.

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