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New to site and have question on airbrushing

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I would like to start repairing some of my older lures by painting them and I have the chance to get a iwata revolution CR and sprint jet studio series compressor (1/8 hp and 1 to 30 psi) for about 210.00 and wanted to find out if that is a good set up to start out with? By reading some of the other posts on this site I see that a lot of people like a gravity-feed gun and this one has a 1/3 oz cup and it also has the 0.5mm nozzle and needle and is a dual-action trigger. Again this will be the first time that I have tried to paint by airbrush. Would you need for the compressor to be more than 30 psi's for painting lures? I am sure once I get it I will be posting a lot of questions on this site and I see a lot of expertise here. Things like what kind of paint is best to use (water base vs acrylic,etc.). Thanks for any information you can give me with this.....:worship:

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I haven't used an Iwata Revolution CR but think most Iwatas are a step above most others as far as quality and reliability. A .3-.5 mm tip is a good all-around size for acrylics. I use a 1/8 hp compressor that is adjustable up to 50 psi and can maintain 35-40 psi continuous load. The max psi is often very misleading - what's important is the pressure it can maintain after that first instant you pull the trigger. I have a chinese compressor that develops 30 psi max but drops to 15 psi max the instant you pull the trigger. That's on the ragged edge of inadequate, IMO. If your compressor maintains 20-30 psi, you'll be OK, IMO. Can't comment about the price but check dixieart.com for comparison.

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