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Hello to everyone on the board. Been a while since I last posted. As the fall cranking season has started up, I've realized my selection of wooden cranks ihas dwindled drastically over the years, and I don't have the baits I'm need now. The Rapala DTs are good, but there are applications where a bait with a less wobble is very useful. I love the old Bagley DB3s, but the problem is finding them nowadays. They're always on Ebay, but its such a pain to get'em that way. Would anybody be willing to make wooden cranks for purchase? I'm looking for just the blank body, no paint on 'em. Just the lip, and hook hangers. I send them out for custom jobs from friends or do some of my own stuff. I'm really looking for both a model that deeps to about 15', and a shallow bait that runs something like 2 or 3'. If anybody has offers, PM or email me. It would greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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