white cedar where to buy?

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kb here do any of you guys know where i can buy some white cedar lumber. i e-mailed poes and asked them what kind of cedar they use and they told me white i have a lot of red cedar and aromatic red cedar but no white. i guess its grows in upper wis. and min. and down the east coast to the carolinas. kb

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I use solid when I can, too. I just had some 3/4" pine and wanted a 1 1/8" blank, so I glued some up with gorilla glue, clamped it overnight, and it seems to be fine. A happy accident is it gives me a centerline to work off of. I glue one face, and wet the other, then rub them together to spread the glue everywhere. It expands when it sets, so it fills any voids and it's totally waterproof. Of course, if my Envirotex Lite clear coat lets water in, I have bigger problems than a glue bond. :o)

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