Screw Eyes For small Spooks & glow paint?

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I just got asked to make some Zara Spook Size lures in the 3-4 inch size and was hoping one of you who's been making smaller lures this size could point me in the right Direction. What size Screw eyes do you guys use?

Also any good glow in the dark paints you know of I could use in my Air Brush?

Thanks Joe

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If store bought screw eyes would be too large and heavy, it's easy to make screw eyes in any size you need from .031 stainless wire. Bend the wire around the right size nail or drill bit, grab the ends with vise grips and twist away. Clip to length with wire cutters. Malin Hard Wire stainless leader in .029" size 12 (180 lb test) also works well. Can't help on glow paint.

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