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Tell me what you think (scent + hard baits)

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#1 keram



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Posted 20 November 2007 - 01:57 PM

Well, this is just another experiment, not tested yet;) . I was always reluctant to put any fish scent on the hard bait. It is not big deal with store bought baits, because they can be easly replaced if something happen to the bait:yeah: . Even worst for hand made bait. After countless hrs to make it I do not want to put any "stinky" :wink: chemical on it.
So this is what I did:

Piece (1") of brass tubing embeded in the body of a bait. It can be filled with your favorite scent and plugged with piece of foam. The scent is slowly released almost without a contact with bait body:popcorn:

Only constuctive criticism will be accepted:lol:

Forgive me if this topic was already discussed, but I'm the member here for only 3 days and I did not have a chance to go through all the pages
of threads

#2 BobP


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Posted 20 November 2007 - 04:42 PM

JHMO, a scent can't hurt but I'm unsure if it helps on hard baits. I don't know of any oil or water based scent that will damage a polyurethane or epoxy clearcoat, at least not any worse than normal fishing wear and tear does. I've occasionally put fish oil based Kickn' Bass on hard baits and haven't noticed any finish deterioration. Alot of fishing success stems from confidence. If you have confidence in scent attractants, a bait incorporating them is bound to be a good thing :)

#3 pikeman



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Posted 20 November 2007 - 06:48 PM

:)) this was a "hot" topic on a site in my country, we all agreed , a scent doesn't increase the number of attacks from predators, and the only positive thing that we thought at, was the fact that it can increase the amount of time the fish retains the lure before spiting it ;) IMHO

#4 HookUp



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Posted 21 November 2007 - 11:58 AM

I'm w/ pikeman on the theory of scents.

I'm sold on them for soft plastics and jigs and slow moving dragging bottom baits. But for hard baits, IMHO, they are reaction baits that trigger a strike swimming and are usually easily detected. For that application, I dont believe scents are necessary.

Again, to avoid any of the scent debates I've read on other boards, this is just IMHO!

#5 basssj



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Posted 21 November 2007 - 12:46 PM

I believe David Fritts used to promote spraying bang on crankbaits. I think I remember him saying that he thought it made the crankbaits finish slicker so that the bait would be better positioned in the fishes mouth for better hookups. He may have been just trying to sell a product though.