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rlcam    11

Thought about giving it a go with Rattle cans before I got into airbrushing and would like some thoughts on the subject.If anyone does this with success could you give some advise on what type paint,methods,tricks or anything that might be helpful,and also I would like to see some pics of some finished lures with the can jobs,thanks....Robert :worship:

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Hi Robert,

I don't own an airbrush so all my baits are painted with rattle cans or a brush or a combination of the two. When it comes to brands, I'm a "Krylon Man" :) , good paint and it dries quick. When it comes to brushing I have used about everything including nail polish! My paint jobs range from simple two color patterns like red and white to more complex multi colors and layers. I don't go for "taxidermy realism" (although I appreciate all styles of painting) but I still have a lot of fun with it. I spend a lot of time in the TU gallery and have about eight pages of lures posted so check'em out and give the rattle cans a shot. As for painting tips and tricks the possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and experiment with things like spraying across different cut out shapes, or spray through funnels and combs. Here's a couple pics to get you started index.php?n=661


The scoop faced wobbler was painted entirely with rattle cans and the gar was done entirely with a brush. Be sure to check out all my gallery pics for a variety of patterns. Shoot me a PM if you'd like. Hope this helps and post up some pics of your efforts.


the self proclaimed "King of Krylon" LOL

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smirkplug    10

All my baits are rattle can jobs and i start with the bottom usually in white then spray the different colors working my way to the top. Its fun to blend the different blues and greens lightly, and also experiment with art store powders brushed over the spray paints to add a little richness. I got p.o.ed by fishermen who got very pickey for perfect colors they wanted so i started adding gold leaf to some of them and charging more, saying 'here it's gold plated, if thats not good enough for you go make your own' ! See my only gallery photo to see an example, and have fun fooling around with it, you can always spray over any mistakes and large baits are much easier to learn on.

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