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jimmie7915    10

Hi guys,

I am currently painting some big swimbaits for a buddy of mine and was wandering if anybody had any tips on how to epoxy these things.Can I use the devcon or will that weigh too much and if so how do I go about doing around the hinges.Some of these I think I can figure out but the one Im having trouble with is a strike king king shad due to the way it is hinged.Can I use the rustoleum lacquer on these maybe?Or if anybody has ever used the rustoleum I would like to know how well it finishes I personally have never used it but I have read on here that it works.

Thanks again guys this site is awesome and thanks for all of the help.


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stripercrazy    10

U-Pol Clear #1 UV Resistant Clear Coat..some of the guys I know use this stuff its expensive 16 bucks a can, they use it in auto body shops for tight places...trunks, door jams... small repairs...don't breath it in:nono: auto clearcoat in a can

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mark poulson    1,680

I've found that a coat of Envirotes Lite epoxy adds 3 grams to a 6" glide bait. I haven't tried Devcon 2 Ton.

Glide baits want the center of gravity a little to the rear, anyway, so I hang them from the line tie after I coat them, and let them drip dry. I rotate them first with a hair dryer on high heat, low fan, to make sure the epoxy flows eveywhere, and then hang them vertically over a cardboard box, to catch the drippings.

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