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Hello everyone my new avatar is my tilapia paint scheme on an lc rc 2.5 I am really pleased withh the way this turned out but I would like to add some pink fins on the side.My only problem is every time I do them I dont like my results.If any one has any pointers on how to go about doing this I would greatly appreciate it.Also if any one has any pointers on epoxying a strike king king shad that would be much appreciated as well.Thank you in advance,you guys rock


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Jimmy, that is great looking bait. Would you share the recipe for paint scheme? I'm going to Mexico in Feb. and would love to paint some cranks to look like yours, cause the main forage is tilapia.



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As far as the fins go....I don't put them on my baits yet but from everything I have gathered some folks use a template and some do it by brush. I'm sure you have already figured out that they would have to be very lightly misted on possibly w/ transparent paints to give the right effect.

With the epoxy ( I presume you are talking about clear coat) on the Strike King shad it would help if we knew what kind of paints you were using for one thing but just for reference Dicknites provides a good thin extremely hard coating that does'nt add as much weight as some clears.

This is MHO i'm sure there are others that can add to this

Good Luck and by the way Nice Paint job

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