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I think it was posted here but I can't find it. I somehow found a company online that sold suspending jerkbait bodies. Not Jann's. The bait had a different shape, it had a thinner rear. I think you have to make a bulk order to get them, but not sure. Anyone know this site?



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Those baits look like the Orbit 80, by Duel. Best shallow jerkbait ever made. The most erratic when you jerk it I've ever thrown.

The Orbit has a great weight transfer system, so it casts really well, even though it weighs a little over 1/4 oz.

Unfortunately, Duel, a Japanese maker, is really focused on salt water, so their fresh wate line is limited. If they had a deeper, Staysee-type jerkbait, the world would be perfect. :wink:

Have you tried the Predator lure? How does it cast? How's it's action?

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