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ldzoller    0

steel wool works for me. I have found that how the grain of the wood lays often accounts for rough spots. these just need a bit more work with the steel wool. hope this helps.

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captsully18    10
Dave??? Okay, Dave #2,

After you get them sealed, do you use progressively finer sand paper? What is the typical progression?


Yeah, I use finer and finer. Usually start with 220 and progress up to 400 or to the real fine steel wool. Depends on how smooth I want it and how much nap is raised each time I seal it. Haven't used 2t on one yet, but plan to on next balsa baits. Think this may eliminate a lot of steps. Hope this helps.


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BobP    805

It gets pretty smooth with 400 grit. Some use a thick waterproofing coat to get it even smoother. Epoxy cut 50% with acetone works fine but might require sanding afterwards to get rough areas where the solution was totally soaked into the bait. Propionate disolved in acetone is a great for multiple dipping and dried very quickly. 6-8 dips makes balsa as smooth as silk. Both methods reinforce the wood, too.

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