DE Filter Material for Fluid Bed Membrane

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Fairview    10

Was working on the wife's cement pond and was back washing the filter. As I was adding DE to the skimmer to re coat the grids, I thought it would be hard to tell the difference between this and white powder paint. Which then led me to the second thought, if the grid membrane won't let DE pass thru it, then neither should the paint. Anyone consider this or actually try it?

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Hoodaddy    0

:eek: I would think that any pool supply place would have it. I used to work for one andwe carried it. I dont know where your at but they have stores in St. Louis, Nashville, Cincy,Grand Rapids , Louisville and probably a couple more that I have overlooked. The name is Watsons Pool and Spas. I guess I should charge for advertising now :yay: ....Fat Chance :eek:

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