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I use self adhesive drywall mesh tape for my scales. Admittedly, I only do larger lures, 4"+ and up, but it works for me. It's not as nice a pattern as the hexagonal mesh pattern you get from fabrics, but I have a ton of it, so I use it. You can double it, offsetting the screening, to get a finer scale, or different patterns. I typically run it at a 45 degree angle, to get a more scaly looking pattern. I use clips to get it to follow the contours of the lure more closely, but I usually only scale the sides and shoulders, so how well it fits at the top and bottom aren't really important to me.

I don't think there is a residue from the self adhesive glue. Least wise, it doesn't interfere with subsequent paint coats, as far as adhesion goes.

Short story long, works for me.

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Whoooa....Man I just sat here and read FF's post over and over about ten times and couldn't figure it out either,and then I read on down.I was wondering if he used a special net for that(I was thinking,now he sprays silver and gets black scales and what...)guess that's why you need to read the whole thread first.

P.S. You are da man,those colors are awesome,great looking bait. :worship:

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