Elaborate on mathematical modeling of lures IMO

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Well this kinda turned out to have some helpfull info!

I did make a lure the other day. My first so at her.

Not bad but a long way to go!!!!!!

Thanks kyle

I poster on here soon enough for you all to laugh at!

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Applied physics tonight.

Christmas eve, neighbor is locked out of her house, key in lock turns but doesn't open the lock. After I tried to jiggle the key and the lock, checked for a window I could jimmy, removed the mail slot and snaked my arm up to the inside thumb turn and turned it, all to no avail, I applied physics.

I use my 20oz hammer and superbar, and pried the door open. Diagnosis, old pot metal lock keeper died of metal fatigue.

The equation for this is as follows:

When in doubt, get a bigger hammer.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.

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