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working on my Musky baits. Trying to get a slope in the front(top of head) and a flat bottom on the rear of the bait. Could I cut them before I turn the bait? I was planning on cutting the lip slot before turning and was just curious if I could make these cuts before I turned it. It seems like I would get a better result then when I tried to eye it out on my disc sander. Anybody have any expierence with this?

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Its easier if you make those grinding cuts after you turn the bait. That way you can make sure the grain is horizontal to the bottom of the bait.

In other words, you want to make sure that when you put the screw eyes into the bait, they are going through cross grain. That gives you the most strength and protection against having torque on the screw eyes along the grain which could cause the bait to split or the screw eyes to pull out much easier.

I find a beltsander is a lot easier to make those cuts with because the turning of the disc sander makes it a lot harder to hold the bait steady and get a nice even cut for the head, the tail, and/or the belly.

Also the rounded edge of the beltsander will facilitate a concave cut like this:


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