Can anyone share some paint recipes?

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The answers really are right in front of you, did you REALLY open your eyes??? dampeoples has an Photo Album link as part of his signature. OPEN IT. There are several photos titled, “Basecoat on my first crank paintjob”. And so the story begins. And, while I‘ve never talked dampeoples, I wouldn’t surprised if his first name is Sterling, although I could totally wrong on that one. But as I look around a little, I see a guy who is pretty passionate about his lures. As you start to look around his album, you’ll come a cross a photo that really caught my eye that is pretty telling, the with the caption, “My brother (on the right) and I, right after I cut my hair for Wigs For Kids” Here is the link for the program As you look around his album, you’ll see examples of all the crank baits he’s made… all the spinners, jigs, even some custom painted reel.

I look at his public profile on TU and can see Sterling even has a sense of humor… why is your public profile just mostly, as a friend on this so aptly put it, an empty page.

Bester, try to have a Merry Christmas and maybe you’ll you learn to look around and annualize the information and data everywhere on TU.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

lets all try to remember that most of the messages we send as humans are visual, on these message boards we lose that aspect.

Everyone on here is trying to help each other out. Remeber the best answer may not be the answer we want to hear! nonetheless it's still the best answer. All to often we read the words and fail to read the message.

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