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Hello All,

This is my first post on TU. I am going to carve my first jointed lure. However I have never done one before. I have carved fish. I have been searching this site to learn as much as I can about lure carving and sources of materials. I would like to know if anyone can recommend resources that would help me learn 1) basic carving considerations, 2) how to make various joint systems, 3) some best practices for carving or adding fins, 4) scaling techniques used for lures, 5) types of eyes to use or make, 6) screw eye considerations or wire systems, 7) painting best practices. I would take any help or direction in any of these areas anyone would be willing to share. Happy New Year to All. Al

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Starts to answer your question on scaling techniques

As to sources, the search feature at the top of the page will get you pretty far. Theres also a book by C. Boyd Pfieffer called "The Complete Book of Tackle Making" that will help out immensely with all of your questions. I had to order my copy online as its hard to find in bookstores. Good luck, and seriously surf around this site with the search feature as there is an amazing wealth of knowledge here.


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