Paint Thinning Question

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stripercrazy    10

I use liquidtex airbrush medium...I use delta cream coat paint sometimes and I think there the same co. as apple barrel they make there own air brush medium and golden paints has one too...I get them at micheal's crafts with a 40% off coupion:)

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Ken The Fin    10

I`ve Used Auto Paints For A Long Time , Have Tried Several Times To Use Water Base Paints With Bad Results Because Of Thining . I Make Custom Crankers , All Two Piece Balsa With A One Piece Stanless Hook Harness Inserted , Foil And Painted Finishes , With Circuit Board Bills .paint Job Quality From 0-100% , I Say Mine Is A 80% . If I Learn How To Do A 100% On My Painting It Will Be On . I Love Making My Baits , They Are Called Ken`s Fin`s .

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