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Ok guys, I am new to customizing hardbaits that are already painted...I would like to get into repainting lures that I already have but need to know what everyone uses to cover the manufactures paint before repainting your own design?????

You guys are great and I already found a wealth of information but cannot find base coat ideas. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I sand the original paint with 400 grit to promote adhesion then shoot a color basecoat of acrylic white. Most airbrush paint suppliers sell a highly pigmented white called names like "Superhide White" or "Cover White". Even Apple Barrel flat white hobby paint works OK, shooting it through a large tip airbrush. I flash dry acrylics with a hair dryer. Some guys use a white aerosol paint like Fusion, which chemically bonds itself to plastic after curing. JMHO, if you can get the paint on, the clearcoat will keep it on there 99% of the time. It's about the same process with plastic or wood - but on wood, never sand down past the basecoat into raw wood.

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