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I don't think paint matters as much as the clearcoat and for that, Dick Nite Lurecoat polyurethane is hard to beat on spoons. I shoot acrylic colors with an airbrush, dip them in the Dick Nite and hang them up to dry. It's a nice thin coating that quickly drips off any excess, so you don't need to rotate the spoons. A second dip 24 hrs later and a week to cure makes it very durable. Brushing epoxy just doesn't produce as neat a spoon, IMO. See the DN banner ad at the top of this page. If you really want to "doll it up", apply Witch Tape holographic scale tape to a spoon and then spray color over it just as you would a foiled crankbait. On the Witch Tape, stick a slightly oversize piece on the spoon and run a straight edge razor blade around the edge of the spoon to make a neat application.

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