Best way to weight, w/ melting lead?

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Kribman    11

I need to add a bit f front weight to some of my lures, but don't have a torch to melt lead. I have the casting pans or whatever, just no means of melting it. Is there any way I cold insert a slip shot or any other weight by ust drilling than filling with wood filler? thanks a lot, and go REDSKINS! (for the packer's sake)


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mark poulson    1,700

I use split shot also. I drill a tight hole, put in a little 5 min epoxy, and then shove in a split shot or two. Then top it off with the rest of the 5 min.

I like spit shots because I can pinch them onto my lures' trebles to test weight them beforehand. And they're pretty consistent in weight.

For me, it's much easier than melting lead, and safer, too.

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I know you can use 5 min epoxy and get it to work... I have tried it before.. but Fatfingers got me on this Epoxy putty a few months back and I love the stuff!! It works better than wood filler.. I use it on all my lure nows.. THANKS FAT!! anyway you drill the hole and fill with any kinda of weight.. I get finesse weights at bass pro...1/8 oz and 1/4 oz.. you can cut them down and play around with the size.... as for drilling the hole I use a dremmel... After you put the epoxy putty over the weight and fill the hole you have to wait about 45 min or so an its rock hard.. I normally wait a good 3 to 4 hours or next day. then I sand the hole smooth so you cant see it when you paint over it. Hope this helps if you need more advice ask Fatfingers.

The Rookie

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