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Sand off the finish with 400 grit paper, then clearcoat the bait. The clearcoat fills in the small scratches and makes it transparent again. If the bait has sculpted features like scales or gill plates it's harder to do since you have to sand down below all the finish.

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I've done this a bunch of times with factory painted baits . First if the lure has an epoxy clearcoat you will have to lightly sand with med. sand paper just enought to penetrate the epoxy. Now I take a rag wetted with acetone and start rubbing the paint away . it takes a little elbow grease but it will get every bit of paint off. Once all the paint is gone you will be left with a cloudy looking clear (transparent ) bait .

Now the last step is to take a new clean rag soaked in acetone and wipe it across the bait in one direction like from the bill end to the tail end .

Make one pass on the top ,bottom ,and sides and stop let to let dry without touching . Repeat if needed. If you prefer to sand all the paint off instead you can just perform this final step to remove all the fine sand paper scratches..........

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