Want to begin airbrushing for my use....

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1) Iwata Eclipse

2)Small compressor

3) Createx paints to start with

4) Windex to thin if needed

5) Small cups to mix, thin, panty hose to strain if needed

1)-Pour paint into cup on gun...shoot paint, correct?

2)If any paint left in gun and cup, pour it into another cup with lid if i want to save, right?

3) Do i put water or cleaner into gun and shoot to clean before I put next color in gun?

4) Heat set each color before the next.Right?

5) Going to start with a simple pattern I like and try to replicate it.

6)Going to play with gun on some paper or cardboard.

7) I have some old lures put up. Do I need to strip paint off, or can I lightly sand the lures as is?

Is this a logical progression??????

I have read on here for almost a year.......amazed at your work!!!!!!I have some time to kill , and I want to try this. I have no one that does this locally, and hope some one here will get me started with this basic info. I cant find a step-by-step starter thread. Thanks for any help you might can offfer. Again, totally amazed at the work on here.

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Sounds right to me. I'm new at this, too.

Two things to remember.

Less is more. When you clear coat your lures, the colors will become vibrant.

Put on an intermediate clear coat before you try any patterns or details. That way, if you mess up, you only have to wipe off the fresh mess up, and don't have to start all over (this is the voice of experience talking).

On the subject of intermediate clear coating.

I just picked up some Createx gloss clear coat to try as an intermediate clear coat.

All the while I was looking for it, I was thinking, "If the paint is already heat set, won't it be just as durable as a heat set clear coat?" I don't know the answer, but it seems logical. I'm going to put a clear coat on anyway, heat set it, and let it "dry" for a while before I start to mess with my lure after I've put on the scale pattern.

If anyone knows of another water based clear that can be heat set, please share.

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On refinishing old lures - On wood baits, you usually don't want to remove the old finish down to bare wood. Just smooth it with 400 grit paper and remove any gloss so the new paint will adhere. On plastic, you may or may not remove the old finish, depending on whether the bait's surface has any texture you want to preserve.

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