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gldnbear93    10

I believe that what makes the peral effect are actual solid additives put into the paint. I don't think that mixing colors will get the same effect, though I have come close when using a black basecoat, fogged with silver, then fogged with white.

I find that a dark base coat usually makes the colors "pop" more.

I know an auto painter that is really into the newer paint effects with holos, pearls, metallics, flip-flops etc. I have never seen him do radical paint job using those effects without using a DARK basecoat.

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captsully18    10

The way I understand it from friend who works in auto paint store is that the pearl effect is from powder that is added to paint. this powder never completely disolves into the paint and provides the swirl effect. I guess he knows what he is talking about. He's better painter than I am.


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Great starter tips on Pearls, Candies and Flakes on this website. There might be more in depth tips available, but I think the next step would be to buy some and start experimenting.


Most pearls cost $10 - $30 per oz. This company sells some auction style on e bay and starts all of them at .99. Auctions on many colors close at $2-$5 / 1oz. bag and additional shipping is about $1 per extra auction. 1oz. (28.3495231 grams) will mix 2 to 4 quarts (1.8927059-3.7854118 liters) of paint and that is a lot of baits. The quality of these are great.

Try this search (Color Change flip chameleon).

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