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Those look great.......especially for only being your 5th ones. Isure wish mine would have looked like that on my 5 th try. Good job ! Cant wait to see the 6 th one. :yay::popcorn:

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I scuffed up the crank bait, painted white,

then sprayed top 3/4 with sky blue, bottom 1/4 with pearl pineapple,

next dipped in dicknite otherwise my clamps when netting would damage paint job,

cured over night.


Lightly shot green pumpkin mix ( from color chart listed here 3 leaf green to 1 light brown )

then sprayed pearl tangerine

shot a tad of pearl pineapple again to get scale patterns

shot sky blue on sides to knock down the green pumpkin a tad

added painted black kill spot.

Also a trick with lures having eyes like the bandit I took a knife and shaved off the eye so it would be flat to except a 3D eye correctly.

dipped in dicknite, let cure overnight, added eyes and dipped again.

I tried with more tangerine on belly but it did not look as nice.

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Hope my 5th one looks half as good as yours...great looking lures and it looks like the big mouths will eat that lure you start off with a complete white body and start at the belly and work your way up?

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Seabass, yes all white.

As long as the paint is dry after the white you should be able to do the blue and pineapple right away.

I started top down

with light blue

then pearl pineapple on lower,

then clear coated and let set to dry.

Net the bait.

Then top and sides with green pumpkin,

Then pearl tang on lower side

then pearl pineapple on lower side,

then lightly sky blue on sides

and last the black.

You should be able to do this all quickly, it takes longer to clean the air brush between each color when you only have one at the moment.

The only colors that are used heavy is the white and then the first blue and pineapple, the rest of the color steps are done very lightly, if you use to much paint it does not look as nice.

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