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I was wandering if anybody here would to explain to me what kind of tools Iwould need to make my own balsa swimbaits.And hopefully guide me in the right direction on how exactly to do this.I live in Ohio where the fish are small so I would like to make about a three inch bait.One question I have is say a do make a bait that I like how do I go about making the exact same one.I am totally green on this matter I usually just paint lures so any help will be greatly appreciated


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I make my jointed swim baits out of poplar and douglas fir. I'm afraid bass would tear up a balsa bait with hinges.

I've use pine, too, since it's lighter, and epoxied in the hinges, but I didn't like it as well.

If you're making a one piece lure, then you could split it and use the through wire and epoxy system.

At least that's what I'd recommend.

I don't know if you'll be able to make exact copies unless you cast your lures out of some kind of foam resin.

I carve them one at a time, and make paper templates of the finished lure before I paint it with the hook hanger and weighting locations and sizes marked on it, so I can make another.

Larger swimbaits must be easier to make and work, since I have been able to do it relatively well. :o)

By the way, you do awesome paint jobs.

I'm going to try and repaint one of those Strike King swimbaits like you did.

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