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removing paint-factory bait's

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I know this was asked before but I can't seem to find it on the board,what is the easiest way to remove the factory paint off of crankbait's such as the old poe's and fat rap's ? Thank's


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I use acetone on plastic baits. Just dip the bait in for a few seconds. Hold the bait by the bill and pull an old rag down the crankbait body. This will remove most of the clearcoat. Repeat until you remove all the paint. One word of caution, avoid getting the bill in the acetone, it'll make it soft. I normally don't take the primer coat off of the crankbait. If I do I sand it. The acetone will make the crankbait body soft also.

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Ok, I tried the Acetone. I did not dip the bait all the way in(plastic bandit bait). I put it on a rag.. I noticed the bare areas got sticky soft so I was reluctant to dip it in. On some areas of the lure... the paint would not budge I used a soft sponge type sander to remove the paint. I spent two hours trying to get the paint off.

I found that Badger makes a small sand blaster for models... a 260-3. I found the cheapest price was at Monstronix.com around 35.00 shipped(29.95) Has any one used it before.

Has any one used MEK on plastic?

It has a warning about plastic but so did the acetone.

The Acetone did not damage the lure it returned to a normal state. It may have been the epoxy getting tacky

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