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Now painting is definitely a weakness of mine, but I managed to get an interesting result while clear coating a few years back. I created a fire tiger bait (which once i figure out how to post i will display) w/ crawdad pattern on the side (which i did w/ a sharpy marker). At the time I was spraying auto clear coat for my finish (don't recommend, good way to shorten your life span and probably become sterile). Any who, as I sprayed the coating on I walked away and came back to a smeared crawdad pattern going down the bait as it dripped dry. Disappointed at first, my friends were intrigued by the unique pattern. The paint remained but the marker design had sorta faded down the side of the bait. Like I said, I will try to post pics soon.


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Welcome to TU.

Some of the best innovations come by accident.

There have been a few very good posts on posting pics in the last few weeks. Do a search on photobucket, these should get you up and running. Can't wait to see the pic.

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