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Well I suppose I'm sort of a noob when I comes to painting lures. I have previously been painting spinnerbaits with a crappy airbrush and model paint. I have now moved up to a badger paint brush and would like to start painting crankbaits. I have a few questions and I apologize if they are covered somewhere else on this website, if so I couldn't find them and please direct me toward them.

1. Where can I buy good lure paint for airbrushing?

2. What is the proper steps involved in painting a bare wood crankbait as far as base coats, layers, and clear coats are concerned?

3. Is there a general faq or resource for preparing and painting crankbaits.

This is my first post on here so I would like to say Hi to everybody.

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Welcome to the fray that is Tackleunderground. You're not the first and you'll not be the last to ask paint questions for crankbaits. Painting a Crankbait 101 I NEED HELP! on TU will get you started. There are some great painters around here and they don't mind helping, but you do need to read a little in order to ask a specific question.

After you first post a thread, a window titled Similar Threads will show up below the Quick Reply window that can also provide answer.

As you read some of these threads, you'll find a lot of questions being answered by the same group of guys, like fatfingers or damnpeoples. You can do searches on them to get a list of posts to and look at the titles of those posts.

There really is a wealth of information here. Take some time to learn to mine it.

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